Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flushing the Toilet Vs. Noise Pollution

I have always thought about laws being popularly made for the Good of the society. But after thinking about the one I am about to tell is so ridiculous that I will also like others put this law in the "DUMB LAW" category.

Under the Swiss rules and Regulations related to Noise pollution a person can land himself in trouble for a simple but natural act.

"In Switzerland flushing the toilet after 10 pm where the person lives in an apartment is illegal"

Okay, so now what we have to say about this one: Is it a good law or bad law?


It is good law: The flushing sound of the toilet disturbs the peace of the "whole" apartment, let alone be the house but the neighbours will sleep restlessly as the Swiss are famous for getting on their jobs from 7am onwards, this law serves its purpose right.   It is against the polluter and the disturbance caused by this, accordingly should be compensated and lawful damages should be paid. The people should try to finish off their loo jobs before 10pm otherwise they wont be able to flush down the toilet furthermore, it indicates that Swiss people love to stay healthy and eat their dinners early and enjoy a sound sleep.

It is a bad and dumb law: The flushing is the 'most essential part of the greatest inventions of all times, the toilet with a seat' . what will happen if a person goes to the toilet and uses it to relieve himself, no matter what he ate and when/how much water/alcohol he drank and thus to his own embarrassment  can not flush it down? Wont it smell and further foul the air as well as provide the bacterias to enjoy a life full of filth for the whole night hours, giving birth to various diseases plus cause another trouble AIR POLLUTION AND PUBLIC NUISANCE?

Laws should not be made just for the sake that a law is required for a particular purpose, a full knowledge of consequences is also required.

Thanks for reading !
Gulshan Naqvee