Thursday, December 16, 2010


Whether Age is only a number or it really means a lot?

The laws are different in every country which decide the age of its citizens when they are able to exercise their mental faculties and further vote and decide the future of that country. Now looking at the present scenario in India, the age set for voting for the country's government is 18 years. Isn't that just the age we all come out of our shells and observe the wrongs and rights happening in the country? We know who is to blame and what ought to be done and should choose whomever to set things right for us?

I have no problem with this Voting age, but there's another contradictory age limit set by our government that's for drinking, which in India is from 18 to 25 years !

Isn't that a surprising fact, the age to decide an individual's own future and choice whether he wants to  actually consume alcohol or not is left for a mature age of 25, but then deciding the fate of the country you are living in can be decided at the age of 18?

I think the Government has a point here and shows a sacrificing nature, the government is concerned about the citizen's future, putting  her own future at stake.
The ruling parties give a message to the youth, the mistake you have committed once by choosing the wrong thing for yourself should not be done again when you choose the  wrong thing again for your life, from 18 to 25 years you have ample of time to think whether alcohol should be consumed or not, as liquor is next to choosing a bad government in terms of wrongs committed!


  1. That's a very interesting point, especially as I approach my 60th birthday on Wednesday! Perhaps there should be a cut-off age too, above which people are deemed too old or irresponsible to vote any more. Age doesn't always bring wisdom.
    I think the truth is that we all become responsible at different ages. It is hard to lump everyone into the same category.

  2. I see some logic in this age discrepancy. Voting is a collective endeavor. The 18 year old voice is only a small percentage of the voting public. There is a majority decision made up of all age groups over the age of 18.

    If an 18 year old decides to drink, they are making that decision for their own self.. and possible anyone who might be on the road should they decide to get behind a wheel.. as immature minds are wont to do. I know it would meet a lot of resistance but I would not disapprove a drinking age of 25 instead of what our laws in Ontario, Canada allow.. which is 19. (and voting at 18)


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